Mihaela Stanel, romanian entrepreneur: There are few white or black things in life. Usually there are many shades of gray

Mihaela Stanel, romanian entrepreneur: There are few white or black things in life. Usually there are many shades of gray

Take it easy. Be more flexible. Enjoy life. If we had the power to go back in time and have a small talk with our younger selves, Mihaela Stanel, the founder of MS Konszult, would have advised herself to enjoy life a little more.

She admits that she took things maybe too seriously pretty early. And, by the age of 30, she was set to do things as well as she could. “Well… that is not helping you all the time”, says now.

“It’s important to ask yourself often who are you, where is your place….if you’re ok or if you want to drink some water…” says Mihaela.

As a child, she wanted to be a doctor, an ambassador and… in the end, by doing what she did either on her own or in various organizations she becomes an interface, a message transmitter or even a mediator of commercial relations.

In the beginning, she worked as a translator, then in marketing, had some time being a project manager and worked in sales. But then she advised Swedish-companies interested in the Romanian market, has provided support for international development and for several years she had been focusing on the development of BI market in the country.

It was a road full of ups and downs, with a period of accelerated growth but also with many searches in order to find an environment in which to grow nicely because is not really easy to do so.

For Mihaela Stanel, a successful career is when you do what you like and you also have the feeling that you build value. The secret? She says is to discover the common ground between “what you are good at” and “what you like to do”.

“And stay there as long as possible”, she adds.

“As about success….it is all about overcoming all of your fears. And the key ingredients to acquire it are naturalness and the connection to the community”, explains the entrepreneur.

Regarding the female entrepreneurship in Romania, Mihaela firmly believes that if it will have solid foundations, and everybody will contribute with great ideas and passion, we will be on track.

“I see imitations and forms without substance, but with the civic spirit we can encourage the authentic, the value and the rest…will disappear over time …I hope”, she points out.

A successful woman in the first place is a woman who takes care of herself. Then, she knows what’s good and what she likes to do and continues, perseveres. Later, she tries new ideas. She is a good networker and an innate leader.

What did she learn through business? First of all, that you don’t have to start alone on the way. You need another person there with you. “Ideally you should be 2”. Then, in order to succeed in business, you need to understand in detail the subtilities of the market in which you activate. “If you want to achieve something, keep going and give yourself a second and a third chance. It is not the end of the first error,” advises Mihaela Stanel.

Also, she says there are few white or black things in life, and usually there are many shades of gray. As for flexibility nowadays, the entrepreneur believes it can be a way of survival. “And innovation and authenticity come as a bonus” concludes Mihaela.

Bianca Dobrescu

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