Sonya Fu, fine artist: Find a balance between compromise and standing your ground, it’s okay to say no and negotiate

Sonya is a visual artist from Hong Kong. She grew up in the former British Colony where East meets West, so she is influenced by both Oriental and Western Culture.

First, she had a job as a graphic designer. Then she started on her own with fine art. Actually, after finishing her studies in commercial graphic design, she self-taught drawing and painting. At that time she had this beginners drawing tablet which she used to doodle in the spare time.

„I think it must be my geeky nature, I fell in love with digital art almost instantaneously”, she says.

Later on, Sonya decided to invest in a more professional drawing tablet. So, then she started to put her art online and got her first show invitation back then, in 2010.

“It went successfully and not long after, I was invited to join other shows. So I went with the flow…and here I am”, she remembers.

If she could go back in time and give an advice to her younger self, Sonya will choose to say to her not to jump to conclusions!

Time is priceless and her art is too. Sometimes, to produce a painting it takes days to draft and decide the composition and more days to complete. “The file size is huge due to the big dimensions and high resolution. It also takes a lot of patience to make sure everything looks alright at 100% zoom because even a tiny flaw would be unpleasantly prominent when it is printed. Sometimes, I would discard the work and start afresh if I feel strongly about a better composition”, she explains.

Sonya is mostly inspired by her dreams and the random ideas that “pop up” in her head when she is half awake and half asleep.

The fine artist firmly believes that we all have a social responsibility as a human being. As an artist, “she says, we convey the idea through art and I think it is crucial to be mindful of the thoughts we want to express”.

“Because when we show our art to the public, it might somehow influence, inspire, lead or unfortunately mislead others to think in a certain direction. I’m not saying that there should be some sort of straight limitation, after all, we are talking about art here, right? However I think it would be nice to respect others and not hurt other people’s feelings, in the name of art or not”, conclude Sonya Fu.


If there will be a fine artist’s decalogue what do you think the commandments would be?

Sonya Fu: THOU SHALL NOT STEAL… Seriously though, be moral, do not steal from others, be respectful, stay true, be honest, be mindful of the idea that you convey, do not mislead, be reasonable, be professional, be responsible, be detail oriented (work info and images should be sorted and listed clearly!!), be reasonably cooperative when you work with others.

If you could have a tea with any three fine artists, living or dead, who would you choose? And why?

Sonya Fu: Salvador Dali – Because he was also inspired by dreams and hallucinations.

Leonardo Da Vinci – He seemed to be a really intelligent and interesting person. I have a bunch of questions about his technique, his thoughts and the era that he was in.

Last but not least, H.R. Giger – I have been a fan of Giger’s Alien since I was little, I would like to know the idea behind his exotic work, how he came up with such visual stimulating ideas.

Five lessons Sonya Fu learned through art

– Find a balance between compromise and standing my ground, it’s okay to say no and negotiate.

– Trust my gut feeling, I usually can feel it when something is fishy.

Collect more details and information before working with anyone, a written consignment/contract is always necessary regardless of how trustworthy you believe that person is, better keep it professional.

– Clear up doubts, don’t be afraid to ask any questions even if they might sound stupid.

– Not to over think / over evaluate about what others think because most of the time it’s just me being self-conscious.

I am a story teller. A fast one. I have a solid background as economic journalist, and I worked for business media institutes in Romania such as Bursa, Business Cover, Forbes, Leaders Reunited and also Capital. I am equally a reader and a traveler and I get inspiration from all the things I find on the way.

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