Chef Floriano Pellegrino, founder of the italian restaurant Bros’: If we remain firm on our dreams, if we pursue them with work and sacrifice, we have nothing to risk but only to gain

Located on a modest territory that tries to make its way to emerge, his business is growing faster and faster.

Even if the market is not the best, because southern Italy, unlike the northern regions, is less developed and much poorer and many commercial activities almost do not exist there, Floriano decided to open the restaurant in the place he grew up, thinking that his purpose is to awaken the gastronomic market by creating something that had never existed before. And he succeeded.

Since he was a child, Floriano always found himself inside the kitchen. His family, in the small village where they lived, had a farm where he spent most of his time. Back then he watched and helped. “My destiny was already marked”, he points out.

Immediately after the studies, he decided to invest in himself. So, he traveled a lot and accumulated experiences in large international kitchens that taught him so much. “Every starred chef I’ve worked with is a brick in my career; every restaurant in which I spent my time allowed me to become what I am”, he tells. He started his own business when he realized that he was mature enough. When he realized that “finally had his own identity to show to others”, as he likes to say.

“In starry kitchens all over the world, I learned the sense of duty, never giving up, trying to do better and better, always having your own clear objectives in your mind and doing everything to achieve them.”

Floriano Pellegrino admits that he made many mistakes and he continues to do them. He firmly believes that mistakes are fundamental steps in the professional growth of every man. “From mistakes I’ve learned, from mistakes I’ve grown up. I try to give the same teaching to my kids too. They are very young and need to make mistakes and to learn how to do better and better”

Now, more than 20 customers from all over the world open his restaurant’s door every day.

Luciano Pellegrino by Luciano Furia – Food photographer

“We grow at a speed that is not quantifiable. Every year we close our balance sheet with 6-digit figures. But we do not reason in numbers, we do not think about the economic aspect as much as the human one: our greatest capital is the people who form our team. Every day, we try to become more and more united and professional: this is our true growth”, he explains.

The ambition we have, adds Floriano Pellegrino, is to invest in our territory: we try every day, with our passion, to fill all the voids that our land has. “When we have achieved this goal we will begin to wander the world, to create and implement new and exciting projects.”

Regarding the risks, says Floriano, the one that can be run, in any job, is to lose focus: “if we remain firm on our dreams, if we pursue them with work and sacrifice, we have nothing to risk but only to gain.”

“I am a 27-year-old man so I can not fail to have an optimistic vision of the future. There are so many things to change and improve: the future is in our hands, we have to know what to do with it. If I look at my current reality, I realize that when you want something with all your strength you can get it. This is the principle that should move the minds and consciences of all,” conclude Floriano Pellegrino.

Four lessons he learned through his work:

1. I learned not to give up

2. I learned to improve myself

3. I learned to find the solution instead of chasing the problem

4. I learned to invest in others as well as myself.

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