STUDY: Lack of human interaction is the most cited reason for discomfort with artificial intelligence

While the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) can seem ominous, consumers are surprisingly comfortable with the technology in healthcare. A recent survey conducted by SAS, the leader in analytics, found that when presented with a variety of real-world AI scenarios, a majority of people were at ease with AI in healthcare, and more comfortable with AI in healthcare settings than banking or retail.

The story of the Czech CEO who has made an IT career and a visit to Romania

He has a diploma in agriculture and buckled down with a healthy dose of enthusiasm. Milan is looking for a job, to make a living, like most young graduates who, once they have left their “nest”, must learn to make it on their own. We are at the end of the 90s, in a constantly changing Czech Republic, and we are following the story of Milan Zinek, a young man whose line of luck in the palm is strikingly visible with the naked eye.

ZETTLER Displays Provides 10.1 Inch TFT Solution for Industrial Touch Panel Control

ZETTLER Electronics (HK) Ltd, a ZETTLER Group company, is unveiling its new product which providing reliable and cost effective TFT displays for industrial control applications continue to be in high demand. Recently, a leading developer and manufacturer in this space collaborated with the AZ Displays engineering team to find an…