Cosmin Gurău, filmmaker: Getting it right is sometimes an accident, and almost always, a process

Cosmin Gurău is a Romanian filmmaker. Right now, his goal is to properly carry out his newest endeavor called “To The Wild”, which is a non-commercial independent film festival. The main point of this event is to combine two things that he loves intensely, namely nature and films, into one. Behind “To The Wild”, there are just a few people trying to find out if there is another way to go about this “film festival thing”, or if indeed the distracting, unpleasant experiences caused by intrusive commercial elements have to be part and parcel of the festivalgoer’s life. The first edition of this festival will take place on the 25th of August, in Bucharest. In an interview for he talks about his passions, and the art of making movies. Find out more:

Oliver Bauer, founder of a Winery in Dragasani, Romania: Here one can still do and reach something without being born with special relations or a silver spoon in one’s mouth

Oliver Bauer, an oenologist of the Stirbey Winery Estate and owner of Bauer Winery settled in Romania in 2004, after he gained knowledge of winemaking in Germany, his native country. In an interview for he talks about the benefits of starting a business abroad and the cost of living as an expat.